Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Palm Trees & Papyrus

This was the view as I looked up from a bench near the ocean in Laguna Beach. It was so perfect, I had to take a photo to share.

We went to the Sherman Library and Gardens yesterday for lunch, and of course to wander in the perfectly appointed gardens.
This is their Central Garden Fountain. The Sherman is truly a tiny gem, and it's one of my favorite places out here.
They have the most darling little pond with the figure of an otter which holds a shower nozzle. There are two turtles sunning themselves on rocks below it, and you can see Lisa (or some of her) leaning over on the right. (She said she didn't want to see her face in my posted photos, and as her obedient sister, of course I would never do that.) I think the moral here is "be careful what you ask for". It is a nice photo in general though, and I have always loved the papyrus in the center of the pond. There are not koi in this pond, but they do have huge specimens in another larger pond in one of their greenhouses. The roses had all just been pruned, and so weren't blooming yet, but the orchids are at what seemed to me to be their height.

Here's me at the Gardens.

Later on, we hit the hot tub, which was fantastic for really relaxing, and unwinding after a day of being a tourist.


Rhoto said...

WOW!! I can FEEL the breeze!! ;)
Greetings from Winter in Montreal,

Lynne Williams said...

Ah the memories, of sunshine and palm trees and mountains in the distance....sigh. I do miss these things very much especially from Wi. in February.

Thanks for the glimpse of home

SewingLibrarian said...

When I was at the Huntington, the guide told us their roses are perfect on Tax Day, April 15. It looks as if you are having a wonderful time. Enjoy our great weather and gardens.

Debra Martin said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing some color and sunshine.
:)Deb M.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I'm so glad that you are having a wonderful time in CA with your sister! Now what did you get from the fabric district? :)