Monday, March 26, 2007

Twisted Flower Sock

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I downloaded one of CookieA's new sock patterns the other day, and began to knit using elann's Esprit sock yarn, which is cotton/elastic, so nice and stretchy, which cotton yarn certainly is not by itself. It's actually a very pale green. I like how the pattern is knitting up, and the instructions are extremely complete, giving you charts for the leg, heel (which is also decorative) and the top of the foot. No excuses for mistakes, I guess.

Photo Link

I also managed to snag a photo of my frog! I'm so thrilled to have a real frog hanging around the garden and the ponds. He likes to sun himself on the pond heater, so I'm a little loathe to take it out, even though I think the cold weather is well and truly gone. Right after I took this picture, I tried to move in for a little closer one, and he dove off the heater and swam away very quickly. Shy, that's my frog.


Mardel said...

What a beautiful sock! That reminds me I have a plain boring sock floating around somewhere. Cute frog too! Now that IS exciting

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Your sock is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Sanja said...

I love you sock, and the frog is too cute for words!

Anonymous said...

I am truly envious of your knitting skills...I can't even cast on without making a mess. That sock looks very beautiful and from where I am sitting very difficult to make. Love it.

You are further into Spring than we are here......still dreary.

Marisa said...

The sock is looking fantastic! I just love all of Cookie's patterns.

Zeph said...

I have just run into your blog looking for good cabling photos that will help me figure out how to do what I want with yarn.

I hope you do not mind that I created a LiveJournal RSS feed so I can read your posts from there. If that bothers you, please do let me know.