Friday, March 23, 2007

Flat Seat Adjustment Success

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I finally hemmed the pants I tried Ann Rowley's Flat Seat Adjustment on, and I rather like them, to say nothing of the fact that the alteration is just pure magic, in my opinion. I wanted a pair of pants that I could wear pretty high heels with, and the ones I have on in the photos are about 3 1/2", and the hems just almost brush the ground, so it's best if I stand up very tall. I had drooled over some of the cuffed pants in the runway shows last fall, and I'm finally getting to doing a pair. I haven't had cuffed pants for years, and in fact, unless I made them myself, if I bought a pair of pants with cuffs, they would almost always be immediately let down so that they'd be long enough, and there went the cuffs.

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This fabric is a polyester which is supposed to imitate linen, and it has a little shine to it. I like the color, and it goes with a lot of things I have. I think they'll be nice clear into summer, with heeled sandals. I just think there's nothing more swishy feeling than really long pants, with heels.

I think the folds in the backview are from the way I'm standing, but perhaps not. I never noticed them when I was looking in the mirror, but that doesn't always mean much.

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This is my favorite Double Burda pants pattern, which is two Burda patterns I've put together to get what I want. It has a side invisible zipper, side pocket, and Hollywood waistband.


Debbie Cook said...

Ooo ... legs a mile long, I'm so jealous! :-) The pants look great Liana, and so flattering!

Mardel said...

Really great pants, Liana. I like the way they hang on you. And I love a nice swishy pant with heels too!

Anonymous said...

Liana they are perfect. Singer Sewing Reference Library has 2 books on fit which gives you the similar alteration results. Pants That Fit and The Perfect Fit.

toya said...

love the pants, great fit

Anonymous said...

Your slacks are beautiful! I plan to check out Ann's 'flat seat adjustment' in a minute, but first wanted to say how beautiful all your recent works have been!

I need to get sewing again, and now I have some of my own handwovens to start cutting into! Still, it would be nice to have a slacks pattern that fits properly. Would you share the numbers of your Burda combo? Nancy JC

May said...

Beautiful pants, Liana. You look fabulous in them. Looks like your wardrobe is almost entirely of your creations? Great outfit!

Liana said...

Thank you everyone! Nancy JC, the top of the pants are Burda 8660, and the legs are an OOP Burda, but nothing special, just a nice average width leg. I just especially liked the details of the 8660; side zip, darts/flat front. I added a side pocket, too. HTH!