Sunday, March 04, 2007

Pink Interfacing

Some time ago, during one of my shopping trips to the Pendleton Factory Outlet in Omaha, I bought a 5-yard package of pink fusible interfacing. We're not talking baby pink either. This is FUSCHIA interfacing. When I bought it, I had no idea when or on what, or even whether I would ever use it. I just knew it was unique, a good buy, and I'd probably never have a chance to get any ever again. I've purchased a lot of findings/notions/underpinnings from Pendleton, and every one of them has been top quality, to say nothing of being absolutely ready for the needle. It's a wonderful thing to know you don't have to preshrink your lining or whatever because someone else has already done it, and done it very well.

From Patterns

After finishing my jacket, I decided to make something that would be actually at least semi-fast, and probably successful. I knew when I finished the animal print chiffon Marfy blouse last August that I would want to make it again. It's just a good style for me, and it was a pleasure to sew.
From Fabric
I cut one out tonight from this Cotton/Silk fabric from FabricMart, and realized that since part of it is fairly sheer, my interfacing would show through at least to some extent. I tested several sheer interfacings, but they all showed through with a lighter color, even if they were ivory. I didn't really expect the fuschia interfacing to work, as it's a much stronger color than the fabric, but it really seems to just disappear, which is perfect. I hope to get some sewing done on it tomorrow, but I'm ready to roll, as it's all cut and fused.

Now to change thread on my serger.


Mardel said...

Well I think pink interfacing is just glorious! You really are the lucky one to find such a think (and realize what a treasure you had found)

I drool at the thought.

Good luck with the blouse.

stacy said...

That looks absolutely fantastic! I love the pink interfacing - what a great idea.

Barbara at Cat Fur Studio said...

Excellent fabric - and you have the exact interfacing to match. How wonderful is that!

A few years ago, asked my MIL (who lived in Omaha before she passed away last year) about the Pendleton Outlet, and she didn't know anything about it.

Next time I'm in Omaha, I've got to find the Pendleton Outlet!!!

Liana said...

Oh Barbara, They closed it! It was the saddest thing. The factory is still in Bellevue, very near Offutt AFB, but the only outlet around here now is in Nebraska City, and it doesn't seem to be restocking much, and never had all the things they did in Bellevue.