Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bendigo Yarn

Since I keep talking about Bendigo yarn and how much I like it, but they have no website, I thought I'd just post scans of their color card to give you an idea of it. Do order one for yourself so you can see it in person, as you know how unreliable monitor colors can be.

Click on the 2 pictures and you'll get nice large ones that you can really see. The colors look pretty accurate to me here, but the darker ones are hard to see anyway.

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I ordered 2 shades of Rustic (lower left group in top photo). Midnight Tweed, 5th from the bottom, which doesn't show well at all, for a Christmas gift sweater. I ordered Agate, 15th from the bottom, for a Norah Gaughan Ram's Horn Jacket for me. It's in her Knitting Nature book. I also ordered some of the Cotton yarn (right side of top photo) in Latte, 7th from the bottom, for a Norah Gaughan shell from the same book.

I've begun swatching for the Christmas sweater with some of the Rustic I have left from my cardigan, as it's the same yarn in a different color, and for once in my life, I'm using the suggested needle sizes (US 1 & 4) and getting the specified gauge. Here's a link to the pattern I'm planning on using, which is pictured below. There are directions for both adult and children's sizes.


Lara said...

Hi Liana,

Your knitting is beautiful (as is your sewing). My mother lives about an hour and a half away from Bendigo, so we are lucky enough to have lots of hand-knits in their yarn! (My mum is the avid knitter - I'm a sewer). The cotton is terrific - great for summer cardigans, and the wools are excellent (particularly those which are washable). So nice of you to share information about them so widely - I bet that they'd be chuffed!

May said...

Liana, thank you for posting the color cards from Bendigo. They have beautiful heathered colors. For a start, I will be ordering the color cards. :)

'Ailina said...

This sweater will be gorgeous. The colors you chose are perfectly rich. I haven't ventured into the outer-realms of yarn yet--just trying to get used to working with it at all. I think I'll order the cards, too. Thank you for sharing them! It's too bad they don't have a website.