Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Favorite Knitting Bag

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Some friends and I have been discussing what makes a good knitting bag.

I've used a lot of different bags that have come my way, although the only "official" knitting bags I've ever had are the ones with the wooden framework that will stand up for you.

I like those, but this tote bag that I got from The Nature Conservancy has become my favorite. I did not expect this, and originally thought it was too low, as I'm used to a taller bag, but this is actually very handy, and the double row of pockets along both sides of the bag on the outside are just invaluable. You can see the set of pink double points in one of the inner row of pockets, and the green pencil is in one of the outer pleated pockets. Everything I need is right at hand.


'Ailina said...

Now I really wish I knew how to knit already! Just so I would have an excuse to get that bag! I love tons of pockets--at least when they look nice and clean that way. And I love canvas. (Is that canvas? The straps look like leather, but if it came from the Nature Conservancy, I'm assuming it's canvas.)

Liana said...

Maybe it's a sign that you should start! The bag is canvas and webbing, so it could easily be copied.

hilary mcdaniel said...

They don't seem to have that bag now. That's the kind I've been looking for. Someone had bought one at Michael's like that for scrapbooking, but they discontinued it before I could find one. I seem to always be short of the dock. Maybe some day.
Love that bag.