Sunday, March 26, 2006

Stitcher's Guild & Blouses

Well, it feels like it's been a wild and wooly weekend. The new bulletin board, Stitcher's Guild, formerly SWRefuge has moved to its new domain, Artisan's Square, and is up, running and fully functional. DragonLady really did a wonderful job of moving the database, and it's like we never moved at all. I have changed the link in my sidebar to reflect the new name.

Pearle doesn't usually say too much about my clothes, but when he does, I listen. On Friday he mentioned that he thought I should quit wearing Tees so much and wear blouses. I was really surprised, but I mentioned this on Stitcher's Guild, and to a few sewing friends, and it really struck a chord with everyone. We're all now hot on the trail of a few good blouse patterns. I told him he was a "celebrity" in sewing circles now, and he was slightly horrified, wondering what he could have done to deserve this! Anyway, he sticks to his guns that blouses look better than Tees, and I suppose he's probably right. I love blouses and actually like making that kind of garment, but it's very hard to give up the instant gratification that you get from sewing with knits. I'm sure I won't go cold turkey.

Patti inspired me to go through my pattern and fabric collections to see what the possiblities were. I find that I have several nice fabrics that I bought with blouses in mind, and quite a few patterns; some old friends and some I've not tried before. I'm still working on the Matka Jacket, but I'm stuck over needing to find just the right shoulderpads, and I may take a break and do a blouse.

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