Friday, March 17, 2006

Green for St. Patrick's Day

I realized after I took this photo that these fabrics are all in the green family, loosely speaking anyway.

I think I really missed doing the SWAP this year, and I have tried since doing the first and second year's contests, to think about my wardrobe and sewing possibilities with "SWAP-Vision" at all times, rather than just making things I like, but which may have no "friends".

I've been thinking about my next project, which I think will be a version of the jacket in the post just previous to this, but not in the fabric I had originally planned. That fabric suddenly became the centerpiece of a completely different outfit, and much better there than here. So, it was back to square one on this, and I decided to really look at my stash.

I came up with the 3 fabrics you see above. The center piece is a Silk Matka from FabricMart, which will be the jacket. The Embroidered Silk Organza at the top is from EmmaOneSock, and will be a Little Blouse with button front, tie collar, and possibly cap sleeves of some sort. The bottom fabric is a silky polyester landscape border print from JoAnn's that I just fell in love with. It will be a skirt. I'm kind of excited about the whole group, and I have various other fabrics that can step in as pants or other pieces too, so I'm feeling as if my spring wardrobe is at least taking shape. None too soon, either, although it's supposed to snow this weekend, perhaps a lot.

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