Thursday, March 23, 2006

Matka Marfy Progress

I guess I'm very silly, but I'm just so pleased with the progress of my Silk Matka Marfy jacket. I stitched the under and upper collars together tonight, pressed carefully and turned the collar, and it's just so gratifying to see it come together so beautifully. Just the change from sewn to sewn and pressed on the point presser is very satisfying. Anyway, I sewed the undercollar to the jacket and tried it on, and it seems to lie very nicely with a great curve. I'm now ready to attach the facings and then stitch the upper collar to the back neck edge. The sleeves are stitched and ready to set in. I looked through my silk stash tonight, and I really don't have anything that looks good that I want to use for a lining except a taupe charmeuse, which would be very pretty. I had my mind set on a print though. I looked around online a little, and nothing really leaps out at me, so I will continue to search. Perhaps the taupe will be it, and that would really be fine too. This jacket has such wonderful shape built right into it. It's even more shaped than the zip-front Marfy jacket. I almost hate to lay it down on the table when I'm done, as it's not flat. It's too early to hang it though.

I did one smart thing tonight after I got the collar on. I decided I was too tired to continue, and so I knitted a row or two and am now going to bed. This is real progress. Usually after a "success" I am tempted to continue until I do something really stupid out of tiredness. So, maybe I'm finally wising up?


Ann Rowley said...

I wonder why you say "it's too early to hang it though"?
I hang everything from the word go - even pinning shoulder seams if necessary - as that's the way it will be when finished and it gives anything that's going to drop a chance to do so.

Liana said...

Well, I always hate to hang jackets or blouses until I get the collar/neckline finished. I guess I worry that it will stretch out of shape, especially if I don't happen to get back to it for a while. Maybe this is something I shouldn't worry about? I bow to your expertise! :)

cmarie12 said...

Liana ~ that is interesting because I am like Ann in that I hang everything, right from the beginning. I do it more for inspiration. If I can see it hanging, I am inspired to complete it, change it, maybe even go in another direction. I never even thought about the neckline stretching out!