Sunday, March 19, 2006

Snow Day Sewing

Yes, winter has returned with a vengeance, and we're supposed to get up to 12" of snow by Tuesday. I know I didn't order this, so who can we blame?

I decided to use a Marfy jacket pattern that I haven't made before for the Seafoam Silk Matka, shown in the previous post. It's very similar to 9419, but has a one piece front with a vertical dart instead of princess seams. The backs are the same. I like the alterations I did to the 9419 (shortening above the bust on the sidefront and sideback) and found that I could just overlay those pieces onto this pattern to get the same changes. So far, so good, but I realized after cutting the second front that I forgot to do the overlay on it. Luckily, I cut large seam allowances, so I'll be able to make the change after the fact. Very annoying, however! I'm also changing the sleeves from 3/4 to full length, and using the 9419 sleeve patterns entirely, as they're exactly the same except for my alteration. I won't be doing the appointed lace overlay on this jacket; it will be plain, with a button front.

I finished the front of the cable/bobble sweater last night, and cast on for the first sleeve, so that's going well. I find that I have to quit around midnight or 1am lately, as I am losing stamina or something. Maybe all my late nights are catching up with me. With this weather, I should have plenty of daylight hours to work, though.


Amanda said...

Dontcha love these Nebraska March snows? How appropriate that it's the first day of spring today.

Liana said...

Yes, this is indeed typical Nebraska spring weather. The only good thing is that it can't last too long this time of year, but why we need it at all, I don't know!

Mardel said...

At least we don't have snow (yet? still might happen) but COLD and high winds. "oh the March wind doth blow..."

Sounds like another yummy project.