Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spring Jacket

This is a heavyweight cotton print that I'm using as a test for the free Marfy jacket pattern that was in the Spring 2006 catalog. It's a princess-seamed cardigan-style jacket with 3/4 sleeves, contrasting front edge and sleeve bands and single welt pockets in pink. The sleeve bands have a slit which is banded also. That's what's giving me the trouble right now. I'm just doing it as I go along, and I should have made a real plan. I think it will be fine when I'm done; it's just taking some time to get the details right. I like the fit so far, and am hoping I will be able to use this pattern with an interesting silk fabric that I have. I think I will do full length sleeves on it, however.

I took my Silky Wool knitting along to an appointment yesterday, and ended up spending 2 hours in the waiting room, which would have been great knitting time, except I forgot to bring the chart I needed to start the body pattern on the front, so all I got done was a row and a half, which finished the bobble pattern at the bottom. What a waste.

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