Thursday, August 11, 2005

Knitting and Unknitting

I finished the knitting on my Euroflax Lily shell this evening, and also bound off the shoulder seams. I followed their instructions, and they have you do it so the seam ridge is on the right side. After I did them, I just looked and looked at them while hunting the right size crochet hook (3mm) to do the picot edging, and finally decided I didn't like the ridge there, so I got one seam ripped out and back on the needles. I'll do the other one tomorrow and maybe get them back together the way I want them. I don't think the crochet edging around the neckline and armholes will take long. I already like the way it looks even in its unfinished state, so that's a good sign. Here's a link to more info from my first Lily post.

I ordered more yarn from Elann Saturday and got it today. It's a baby alpaca/merino blend DK weight in a dark spruce color. I'm planning a cabled cardigan, fairly classic in style and fit. I bought a Pingouin pattern book with the yarn which has a nice pattern. I also ordered a year's worth of sample skeins. I think it will be fun to try them, and apparently I'm back into knitting in a bigger way than I'd thought, so why not?

Sue from Sewzine alerted me to a great site for vintage patterns that are available in multiple sizes. It's called Decades of Style Pattern Co. I ordered the 1930sKitchenette Pajamas which I think are adorable, and will be wonderful for after-dinner wearing. Should be very comfortable, and yet practical.
I also ordered the Flapper Apron, a very cute bias cut style.
They also offer a wonderful wrap blouse from the 1950's that I'm thinking about quite seriously.


Pearl said...


I love those patterns! I've seen the reviews done by DrSue on Pattern Review of the kitchen pajamas and the flapper apron, they look fantastic. I hope you will review the blouse, it looks smashing :-)


Anonymous said...

Liana - I ordered the wrap blouse too and a dress pattern. It took ONE day for my patterns to get to me! Unbelievable! Have you received yours yet? I don't know what fabric I am going to use for the blouse yet? How about we sew them at the same time so we can ask each other questions?

ClaytonSue from Sewzine

Liana said...

I'd love to sew-along-with-Sue! I didn't get that pattern, but thought it would be fun to try and do the blouse drafting from my block. So, we can try if you like anyway. You'll probably have a lot more success than I, but I can always get the pattern after a failure. I think the idea of a woven with a little lycra would be good, but I haven't checked "the stash" yet. Have you chosen a fabric yet?

Thanks Pearl, I hope all of them will work out. The apron and pajama patterns came in 2 days, so very quick!