Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wrap Blouse Progressing

I spent several hours this afternoon and evening working on my wrap blouse, and I'm encouraged to hope that it's going to turn out all right after all. It's all together, and I put in sleeve heads, and will also use thin shoulder pads which pretty much cover the entire area between the armscye seam and the yoke. It had a tendency to look a little bit collapsed otherwise. I think after all that this fabric is almost too soft for this style, or I should have fused the entire bodice, as I originally thought I would, but it seemed like overkill. I did fuse the facings and about an inch into the body at the front opening on each side. This very fine, sheer interfacing could have worked for the body.

I will insert the shoulder pads and hem all the edges tomorrow. I'm thinking of applying a cord trim to the yoke/bodice seam. I think it would define the seam nicely, but I'll have to try it. I have some that I think would be a good color.

When I bought the extra fabric, I stopped in afterwards at Threads (my very nice local yarn shop) and bought 6 balls of a Crystal Palace ribbonyarn I saw in June there called Party, in the Sandstone colorway. I liked it then, and immediately thought of a shell, probably the same Berroco pattern as the Vrillee shell I finished this summer, but didn't know how much I needed. I never did get back for it, but when I saw it yesterday, I still liked it a lot, so bought it. It reminds me of the ribbons that are applied onto lace in patterns sometimes. Beautiful colors too; very creamy, and almost like slightly toasted meringue.

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