Sunday, August 14, 2005

Lily Shell Finished!

My Euroflax Lily Shell is finished!
I am really pleased with it. The picot edge turned out very well, and lies nice and flat. I ended up using a smaller crochet hook than the pattern called for, and more stitches, but I think it turned out very well. After it's completely finished, the linen yarn is supposed to be washed and tumble dried, so I did that, and it turned out beautifully; very glossy, smooth and luxuriously drapey. Here are photos of the front and a close up of the shoulder seam.




may said...

Liana, your lily tank turned out so pretty. Your 'workwomanship' is great and you look great in it. I take it that you liked the yarn? Please let us know how you like the garment after washing as I read here and there that the fabric softens after washing.

Liana said...

May, Thank you! Yes, I love the yarn. It has no give as you knit, but it's easy to keep it even, although it wants to split into its separate color fibers a little bit as you knit. I did wash and dry the shell after I finished, and it came out beautifully soft and drapey. A much nicer hand than before, and I didn't notice much shrinkage. Maybe a little fulling, but not really noticeably. I think it will keep softening some, just as linen fabric does. There was some color in the wash water. I used Eucalan No-Rinse Woolwash, and dried on Permanent Press.