Sunday, August 21, 2005

First Bodice Trial of Wrap Blouse

This is the first trial bodice of the vintage wrap blouse I'm attempting to draft from my block. It's not too bad so far. There will be sleeves, and the yoke/collar is only pinned on, and will change a little.

The yoke in the original is deeper, and has 2 buttons in slot buttonholes at the seam that joins it to the bodice, but I held buttons up in various sizes, and I think I like it better without buttons. I'll probably use snaps under the overlap, and possibly frogs or maybe nothing on the top. Maybe in a plainer fabric the buttons would be necessary, but in this or the batik, I think it's overkill with all that's going on in this style, plus the fabric design.

There will be sleeves certainly, and I will extend and drop the shoulders a little. My ties in the back are quite a bit longer than the drawing shows. They would be great for a very dressy look, but are a little much for daywear I think. Maybe if this were extended into a dress with a full skirt, the ties would be fine, but I think I'll like them better a little shorter. The flap in the back below the waist is the part that gets tucked in to hold everything in place, along with a grosgrain waist stay.

The general fit I think is pretty good. I'll redo the front facing extensions so they're at the proper angle. I think this is pretty cute in checks, but it will be nicer in my batik. It would probably be nice to have a skirt or pants that match, but I don't want to get too carried away. I have a lot of pieces that will coordinate with this very nicely in the batik.

Side View

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