Saturday, August 27, 2005

First Prize Shirt

The shirt in the case is the one I entered in the 2005 Nebraska State Fair. I found out this morning that it won 1st Prize Shirt, and also Best of Adult Sewing! I'm quite pleased. Since it's Pearle's shirt, I'm glad he's pleased too. The shirt that he's wearing in the photo is another shirt that I've made for him. You can get an idea of the fit from this. I've tweaked this pattern over the years until it's just the way he likes it, and the most noticeable thing is probably that the shoulders are almost a natural shoulder rather than the very dropped shoulder you see on most men's shirts. It's also a classic-fitting shirt, i.e., not very fitted.

I also received two 2nd's and a 4th on other things I entered. Second on my Gedifra Mauritius Pullover, and on my Brown Italian Basketweave Cardigan with Brown FFF Skirt (entered as a Structured Suit), and 4th on my Lily Shell. So, all in all, a very successful fair.

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