Saturday, July 09, 2005

Gedifra Mauritius Sweater is Done

Gedifra Sweater

Here's the finished sweater. I completed it on Friday, and I think it turned out well. After steaming it, the measurements were exactly as specified, so I was pretty pleased. Since there are so many holes in the pattern, I may wear the top that matches the skirt under it. It would make it warmer too, if that becomes necessary. Hard to believe with 100 degree weather for the past week and forseeable future, but I'm sure winter will come again.

This was really very enjoyable to knit, and went quite quickly. Here's a link to the first post about this sweater. There was a mistake in the pattern, but it was fine once I realized what it was. I just really like this yarn too. The combination of the shiny ribbon and the very matte nylon with attached "wormy" pieces is very pretty.

Here is a photo of the front with plain fabric under it so it shows the stitch pattern.

Gedifra Stitch Pattern


May said...

Great Gedifra top, Liana! Congratulations. I have this magazine. I bought it for one of the off shoulder tops. When looked through designs, I thought they were rather wild and might not be quite wearable. How wrong I was! Looking at yours, it is absolutely chic. I am encouraged.

Hilari said...

absolutely lovely, but the rustic bag is completely knocking my socks off!

Liana said...

Thanks so much!

May, I don't have the book; just got the pattern from the Elann site. Sounds like their patterns are all interesting.

Hilari, Glad you like the bag too! It was pretty fun.

may said...

Liana, you can take a look at the other designs from the booklet here.

Liana said...

Thanks for the link May. They do have some lovely things, and I'm surprised to find the book is still available. Those off shoulder tops are pretty neat. Which one are you looking at?

may said...

The one I liked and knitted is the third one from the top. I did not do hand sewing which is required to create those holes in the dropped stitch area. Another one I like, but I am not sure about is the orange tank with funky looking neck/shoulder design. It is knitted with cotton/lycra yarn. I am curious about these new stretchy yarns. I have not knitted with them yet. Happy knitting!