Wednesday, June 04, 2008

First Patrones

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I ordered the December 2007 Patrones magazine from Twisted Angel the other day, and I got it Monday. It's a Spanish pattern magazine, somewhat similar to Burda World of Fashion. It's a little more geared toward designer patterns, and there are some nice ones in here. There are 3 blouses I could see making, and a classic evening jacket, although that's something I don't need. There are also several evening gowns since it's the December issue, or maybe they have them all the time, but I doubt it. Several of the gowns remind me a bit of 1920's lingerie, and I began to think that one at least would be fun to do as a very luxe nightgown.
Photo Link It's something I'll have to think about anyway.

I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to actually join in with Marji's Great Coat Sewalong or if I'm just going to be an observer. I'd really like to sew along, but raincoats are on my brain, and I think this opportunity to make a great coat with expert assistance should not be wasted on a raincoat. That said, there is a neat coat pattern in this Patrones that calls out to be a raincoat.
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I think the photo of the coat is just awful, as is the fabric and the standard of sewing that I can observe. I really like the lines of the pattern though. I think this one will have to wait, or else really hurry up before the Marji-Coat.


Nancy K said...

That really is a great pattern for a raincoat, as well as a winter coat.
Well, if you wear a scarf I guess. But it is lovely. I am making both a raincoat and a wool jacket for the company and the expertise.

Mardel said...

I'm making that coat with the taupe rain coating that coordinates with, but is not a part of my June Capsule Contest submission. I hope to get it done this summer too, perhaps at the same time as the "Marji-coat". Or my sewing dreams are bigger than what I can actually accomplish. I hope to post on the two coats today or tomorrow.

cidell said...

That, is an amazing looking coat. It would be fun, wouldn't it?

Birgitte said...

Ohhh that is one fabulous coat...

Marji said...

I love the lines on that coat, but wonder what the rain would do with that open neckline (having endured some serious rain in the last several weeks, it's what comes to mind). Does Kristin have any of that issue left? I've got the perfect fabric for it. (Like I need another coat!)
Love the idea of dress as pretty lingerie too.