Monday, June 09, 2008

Comments, Comments

Like all bloggers, I love getting comments. I should respond more quickly to them, but I do appreciate each and every one, and I love that I learn so much from them.

Iris Pins:
Marji wanted to know if the Iris pins I got are like the old ones.

I am not sure, but I'm leaning slightly toward NO. It may be that I'm using them on some tough fabric, but my old ones, which like Marji I guarded carefully but eventually ran out of anyway, seemed to be sharper or something. These are okay, but no better than the Clover quilting pins I got at JoAnn's last year. I do love the way the new box opens and closes. You push the top down to open and squeeze the lid when you put it back and it holds tight.

Mardel is making the same coat pattern I'm planning on! What fun, and it will be interesting to see how they turn out. (It will be very interesting to see if I get it done at all.)

Nancy K and Marji thought the neckline might be wide for a raincoat. Yes, I suppose it is, but I guess when I say raincoat I really mean spring coat that might be in the rain a little bit too. I don't really do much walking outside where I would be wearing something like this without having an umbrella also, so I think I can get away with it.

Marji asked if Krystin still has copies of this issue. As of a couple days ago, no although she was waiting for payment on one or two, so you could ask.

Elliot Berman Fabric:
I'm so thrilled that you all like this too, and I'm pleased to be able to help you all find more fabric!

Marfy #1234 Jacket:
Marji mentioned the collar treatment on the Marfy pattern, and I'm really planning on not doing a contrast collar and details right now. I may change my mind, but I want this to be a go-with-lots of things jacket, and I'm afraid if I have a large contrast area, that will make it harder to do that. I'm thinking of a flat ribbon trim for the sleeves and pockets. It's just an applied band, so I can make that decision anytime. The collar and lapels are integral of course, but I think I'm going to try it without the contrast and see how I like it. I don't want it to be "blah", but with this fabric, I hope it won't be anyway. Now if I do it in the NE tweed as well, that will have a contrast as shown in the pattern.


Mardel said...

Well, I think it is cool that you are considering the same coat, although I am admittedly a little intimidated too. I agree about the collar being a little two wide, but then I think of raincoat I usually mean an lightweight spring/fall coat that I can wear in the rain or not. Usually I would have an umbrella.

Does anyone make matching umbrellas anymore? See I could have an umbrella collection to go with my raincoat(s).

Faye Lewis said...

This isn't about your coat, because I know it will be wonderful like all of your other things. I have a sewing questions and thought would probably be the one that could answer it for me. I am interested in making a knock-off knit dress but cannot find a pattern designed for knits to use. I THINK I read somewhere....(thought it was Sandra Betzina's Power Sewing book) that gave direction for making a knit garment using a pattern that is designed for woven fabric. I cannot find the information anywhere. Do you know where I could find the info, or do you know yourself? Have you ever done such a thing...if so could you share that with me?