Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Coat Pattern Dilemma

I was lucky enough to get to participate in the Marji's Great Coat Sew-Along although I wasn't sure if I was going to be sewing or just watching and learning. It seems that I may get to sew, but now I can't make up my mind about a pattern. I was thinking seriously about this Patrones design, either as a raincoat or in a seafoam melton.

Patrones Coat

Then I saw this fabulous Cashmere Print, and I've been thinking about it ever since. I've gone back and forth and right now I'm forth. The big problem is that I can't decide on a pattern that would do it justice. Here is the sort of thing I'm thinking of, but I worry that the two Vogue patterns are dated, and the Simplicity is more of a jacket, which is fine, but I'm not sure I'd do it for the Sew-Along.

Vogue 1227

I'm leaning toward the swing coat slightly, and away from the Issey Miyake coat, but I am by no means wedded to anything yet.

Vogue 7322

There's also a Marfy pattern that would be great, but it would need a contrast, and I'm not sure I can get one easily, or in time. I would think the darker color would be what I'd want, and it would have to be an exact match.

Marfy 1418

The Simplicity appeals because of the bias peplum, which would show off the print very nicely.

Simplicity 4047

Anyway, I'm going to have to make a decision about the Sew Along pretty soon whether I do the cashmere or not.


Adrienne said...

Ohhh I love that first Patrones coat!

Lindsay T said...

Well I can see your dilemma. That cashmere print is fabulous!

patsijean said...

Hi, Liana
I am leaning toward either the Issey Miyake or Vogue 7322. I love the look of swing coats, and you are advanced enough to take out that extra 80's shoulder room. The fabric is beautiful.

I lost my sewing mojo, and now, when it is starting back I can't sew; accidently sliced the top of my index finger while washing on of our new Furi knives. It seemed as if I just tapped the top of the index finger of my right hand (don't know how as I use a long handled scrub brush) but the cut is nearly an inch long and I partially severed the tendon--am seeing a specialist Monday. Those knives are sharp! I have some casual events coming up and "have nothing to wear".

Birgitte said...

The Miyake coat would be glorious in that fabric, and I can picture you in it- elegance with flair! I also love the Patrones coat, and I just saw Marji is considering Patrones as well. I have never tried their patterns, but they look fantastic.

Summerset said...

The Patrones is fabulous - that is the one that appeals to me out of all of them. I'm going to have to guess that is due to my height - I'm assuming you're much taller than I am and can pull off any of those other coats with grand style.

Summerset said...

I had to peek at the cashmere - so gorgeous! I think it would look fabulous made up as the Miyake and not dated at all.

Carla said...

Aren't Miyakes just plain classic? I think your cashmere would look really great in that pattern.

Sally said...

I vote for the Issey--never out of style, imho. Sally