Sunday, November 20, 2005

Saran Wrap & Pockets

I added a link to the right side of this site, which will take you to Fashion-Incubator, a really great website which has many things to teach those of us who love sewing. Its subtitle is "Lessons from the Sustainable Factory Floor" which may sound pretty daunting, but Kathleen is an industry professional, a patternmaker, who has a fund of knowledge that she readily shares in the form of tutorials on zipper application, bagging a lining, and finishing the spot where the lining meets the front facing on a jacket (that's the Nameless Tutorial; no one seems to know anything printable to call that point!) among others. I asked her to please post her directions to do a Saran Wrap Block on the site, and she agreed not only to post them, but to update them as well! They should be up by Monday, so please do yourself a favor and get them, and/or some of the tutorials. Her posts are widely ranging, and always interesting.

I finally got down to it, and did the hanging patch pocket on the Nikko jacket this evening. It was a little tricky with the Cotton/Lycra fabric, as it wants to stretch instead of remaining nice and flat. Linen would really be ideal for this pattern, but I think this will be beautiful when it's done. I did the decorative topstitching on the top of the pocket, and plain on the sides.


Linda said...

Liana, thanks for posting this link. I am trying to learn more techniques and improve my sewing quality thus I really appreciate when others share information that I have not come across.

Kathleen Fasanella said...

What is a hanging patch pocket? (I know our words differ). Would that be what Claire S -erroneously- describes as a "floating" pocket? You know, no discernable means of attachment, e.g. top stitching around the sides? We call those "bluff" pockets. Funny how language differs, no? If I ever write a sewing book, I'll show how to do one of those but with a lining. Now that's a real trick, lol. Took me a couple of years to figure it out.

Liana said...

Kathleen, I just did a post on the hanging patch pocket. I think you may find it as unusual as I did, and there's no intimation of it on the pattern envelope drawing.
I would love to see how the bluff pocket is done. I've read Claire's instructions, and have seen slightly different methods demonstrated by people, but I've never done one. I like topstitching, so I guess I never felt the need. I actually like handstitching, too.

Linda, I think you'll really like all of Kathleen's tutorials!