Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Nikko Jacket Begun

I received this lovely printed and embossed cotton/Lycra fabric from EmmaOneSock today.
So, last night I cut out the Sewing Workshop Nikko Jacket I'm making as a Christmas gift. I think it's going to be very nice. Some of the print is embossed and it gives more depth to the design than a plain print would. I'm still deciding what kind of contrast I'll use. The recipient wears a lot of black, so that's one easy way out. I tested some interesting variegated threads that I may use for the topstitching. One is plums/violets/silver, and looks really pretty. I will have to find out if she wants it to be more matte, as it's a rayon thread, so there's a lot of shine. I'm thinking maybe some crumpled black or plum silk organza overlay on the pocket and/or facings, but maybe good old piping will be the final choice.

I also ordered some wonderful wool bouclé from EmmaOneSock that is a multicolor on a chocolate brown base, rather than the more usual black base. I snapped it up, and I'm glad I did, as she was sold out within about a day. I can't wait until it comes. I plan a jacket for me from it.


may said...

Oh, goodie! By the time I saw the boucle you bought on EOS webpage, it was all sold out. I thought it is a unique piece with wool 100% and gorgeous color mix. I am glad you got a yardage as I will get to enjoy it through you!!

As for your Saran Wrap block blouses, they are turning out so nicely. Are you using a drafting book or two? Or, it comes out of your imagination? Just curious.

Liana said...

I'm sorry you didn't get any of the bouclé. I'm not usually so fast, but glad I was this time.

So far I'm just doing the blouses out of my head, but I've used the Auditore drafting book before, and will refer to it again, I'm sure. I'm thinking of a flounce on a V-neck or something, and I know I want a button front.