Monday, November 21, 2005

Saran Wrap Block Part I

The Saran Wrap Patternmaking Method, Part I post is up on Fashion-Incubator. Here's your chance to get the directions, and either go right at it, or save them for future use. The rest should be posted very soon, I believe. Kathleen was so kind as to thank me for prompting her to post this, and I'm just glad she was willing to do so.

The Nikko jacket is coming along, and I'm beginning to quite like it. There really isn't a whole lot to the construction, but everyone tells me that you must follow the instructions exactly to get the desired results (what a surprise, but actually, for me it's a big change) so I'm checking and rechecking the steps instead of just forging ahead with what seems to naturally follow. I also find myself searching the instructions to find out whether they forgot a step that seems to need doing, and I have so far found that they haven't skipped anything; they just have a different order-of-work than I usually do. I'm following theirs, just in case it makes a big difference. Anyway, it's lovely fabric to work on, and once I get to where I'm pressing seams open, and they look so lovely and flat and perfect, it just makes it all seem very thrilling. Great mitering instructions and markings on this, too.

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