Friday, November 04, 2005

Resort Tweed Marfy Suit is Finished

I finished the jacket of my Resort Tweed suit on Thursday evening. I worked on it pretty steadily all day, and was able to finish at a decent hour. I found that a very old silk top I have is the perfect color, so I did not feel that I needed to hurry up and make a top from the printed silk to be able to wear this tomorrow. I am very pleased with this jacket, and with the entire ensemble. It's definitely a departure for me, but I really like it. Here's a side view, and another with the jacket open.

I like it that way too, and I think the hook and eye closures turned out to be a great thing. The lining is a taupe silk charmeuse that I got at the Linda Lee seminar in Omaha in October. It was the perfect color, and just what I needed after I decided not to line the entire jacket in the print.

I am pleased with the alterations I made to this pattern, compared with the first version, which is fine, but I think this tweed version is a little more fine-tuned. I have been thinking about this ensemble for over a year now, after deciding that what I wanted was silk print lapels/facings on a tweed jacket. This skirt pattern was not in my mind at all, but I think it worked out very well. I also think a yoked, pleated skirt would be nice. Plainer, and maybe a little more wearable, but this is not an everyday outfit, after all.

Thanks to Sandy and Joan who each very generously offered to let me take a little Resort Tweed off their hands, so I could make this ensemble I had been dreaming of. I actually got it done the same year I got the fabric! Pretty amazing. You can see more detail photos of the jacket here.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! Liana this is wonderful!! My mouth fell open when I saw it. What a wonderful outfit! And you look so good in it!

A+++++! There are not enough ways to tell you how much I like this ensembel and how good you look in it. You are sure you wouldn't like to adopt me and sew for me? Pretty please? LOL


Pavlina said...

You do gorgeous work. The suit is stunning. It makes me want to go out and get that pattern, I love Marfy.

Linda said...

I saw your review of this suit on PR. Truly a lovely outfit.

New to this blogger stuff and saw your blogspot on message board. Like seeing what others are doing.

Will visit again

Anonymous said...

Liana which Marfy catalog is this in (Autumn-Winter 2005/2006)or (Spring-Summer 2006)? I'm in awe of your work.

Liana said...

It's actually from the Spring/Summer 2005 catalog. The jacket is #9419 and the skirt is #9420. I think you can still order these maybe until the new Fall catalog comes out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information Liana.