Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hanging Pocket

Kathleen asked what I meant by "hanging pocket" and was it what is called a Bluff Pocket or Invisibly Stitched Pocket. No, I guess I just called this a hanging pocket all by myself, but it's really a patch pocket that is made with the fold at the bottom, and you attach the bottom layer at the top, a couple inches down from the pocket placement line, then attach the top of the pocket at the line, and stitch down the sides for only about 3", and it just hangs there. I haven't done a final press on this yet, but had a chance to take the photos in pretty decent light, so here they are.
Below is the pocket with the free-hanging bag portion lifted. There's really no purpose to this, and I would think if you put much in it, it would look pretty bad, but it's one of those "unique" details that Sewing Workshop likes to put in their patterns. I like some of them, and some of them seem to have a slightly make-work effect to them, to little purpose, but I think they are probably one of the real selling points of these patterns. If you like them, you like them.
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You can see the embossed portion of the print on these photos, which I avoided with the topstitching on the hem edge of the pocket, and the variegated thread shows also, with the "grass stitch" I'm using for it.


Lisa Laree said...

I made the Nikko about 3 years ago and have been intending to make another one ever since; it's a cool garment w/lots of creative possibilities. And I think 'hanging pocket' is about the only way to describe it! Those are the words I've always used, anyway. Love the way that embossed fabric looks; your 'grass stitch' topstitching is a stroke of genius.

Liana said...

Thank you, Lisa! I'm really enjoying making this much more than I thought I would. It's not my usual kind of thing, but it's fun. I've been topstitching until 2am tonight, and it's getting toward the homestretch. I may have to make one for myself next.