Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sewing Workshop Seminar

Pretty fun time yesterday at the seminar with Linda Lee from Sewing Workshop Patterns! I had a couple of Sewing Workshop patterns already, but had never actually made one up. Of course, after the presentation I bought 2 more! I do have plans for them, and I would encourage anyone who has a chance to see her finished garments to do so. They really sell the patterns much more effectively than the pattern envelope artwork, and she is a delightful person. The Haiku Two (at left) is a darling jacket, and just what I've been looking for, I think.

One very exciting thing that happened at the seminar was that I met a fellow-poster from Sewing World! Sandy from Ankeny, Iowa was there, and we had a very nice visit. I usually never meet anyone who's even heard of Sewing World, so this was really an extra special treat!

Of course I also bought some fabric while there. Hancock's brings in a special group of things for this, along with some things from their regular stock. I bought a lovely taupe silk charmeuse which may end up being used as a lining, but it's really gorgeous, and could be so much more. I also bought a wild piece of old-gold embroidered lace with silk flower/leaf "appliques," which you can see here. I hope to use it for the lace overlay on the other Marfy jacket pattern I have. I've been looking for the perfect lace, and this may be it, so now I'll see if it goes with the "tentative" fabric I bought this summer. It's a striped batik, so it may be a little too wild. If I can use it, the straight selvedge will be cut off the lace to expose the scalloped edge, and there may have to be drastic lace-shaping at the corners, etc. Anyway, it could be great.


Anonymous said...

Your lace is breathtaking. Thanks so much for writing about your day yesterday. I'll look forward to reading about your Sewing Workshop garments from your blog or SewZine or Sewing World. Thanks for sharing so much of your inspiring work!

Liana said...

Thank you for your very kind comment, Miriam. See you on SW & SZ!