Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Correct Skirt Progress (This Time)

You may remember that last time I started on the Marfy skirt that matches the Resort Tweed jacket I'm doing, I had "The Yoke Disaster." Since I got to the point where I needed to decide what I'm lining the jacket with, I had to begin again on the skirt, so I could see how much silk I would have left to work with.

Yesterday I had a sudden flash of how to do the contrast (silk) binding/facing of the skirt hem. I've been worried that trying to do a wide edge of the silk might not work well because of the great difference in fabric weight between it and the tweed. I had been thinking of facing the entire lower-skirt panels, and realized that what I really should do is make tweed panels and silk panels separately, and attach them to the yoke, with the silk panels being a little longer. That will give me the flash of color I want, and still allow the movement of the fabrics to be independent, which I think is important.

I tore the silk to get a nice, straight hem edge, and allowed 4" extra, including hem, so I think that will be plenty. I also cut out the yokes again, correctly this time, interfaced them, stitched the darts and installed the zipper. I checked it against my test yoke, and it appears to be just fine. (Sigh of relief!) I just finished cutting out the tweed panels. I made them 3" longer than the pattern piece to allow for hemming, etc. I need to decide exactly how I want to finish the edges, as they will be single layer, and both sides will probably show. Right now I'm thinking of just a twice turned and stitched edge on the side edge that's loose, and maybe a nice, plain hem, invisibly stitched for the hem edge.

I hope to get back to this tonight, as tomorrow I won't have much time, and Friday is the Linda Lee sewing seminar in Omaha that I'm going to with Jane.

The other really good news is that I have about 2 yards of silk left. I must have had more than I thought to start with or something. Anyway, I'll have plenty to line the jacket, and maybe even enough to do a little shell top, or the front of one anyway.

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