Monday, October 17, 2005

Marfy Resort Tweed in Progress

Here's the progress so far on my Marfy jacket in Resort Tweed. There's no lining as yet, and the collar/facings are only attached at the outer edges and preliminarily pressed, and the shoulder pads are just pinned in. The fringy looking stuff around the collar edges are tailor tacks that haven't yet been removed. You can see them along the hem crease too, and probably other places. I always hate to take them out until I'm absolutely sure that I won't be needing them any more. I like the way the contrast silk looks with the tweed. The cuffs were somewhat of an afterthought, but I think they look quite nice.

I decided to hand-overcast the seam allowances, as it's such a ravelly fabric, and the individual yarns/threads in it are quite large, so if you lose one, it's very noticeable. I worked on that yesterday afternoon and am almost done. One sleeve yet to go. I have to stop and switch gears now, and work on the skirt, as I need the same silk to trim and face the skirt hem, and I may line the jacket with what's left, if there's enough.

Last night I began the cardigan with the LaBella and Fiore yarns, and it's going very well. It's going to be like wearing a cloud I think, it's just so weightless. It's knitting along nicely now, but it was a little tough to tell where I was at the beginning. The LaBella hides the stitch construction quite handily. I did my Fiore stripe near the hem, so that's already done.


Lori said...

Wow, this is looking fantastic! Your things are just so lovely and look so well made. I've been intrigued by the Marfy patterns and just got the Fall catalogue to try out the free patterns. Having no instructions does scare me though.

Good job!

Liana said...

Thanks Lori! What a lovely compliment. Marfy patterns are a challenge, but well worth it. Once you start, you find that you really do know what comes next, and it's fun to be creative in your solutions to the "how do I do that" questions that arise.