Monday, July 04, 2005

Progress Report

Well, I've been working away on several projects, and none of them are done, but I'm getting closer.

The Gedifra Mauritius sweater is working up faster than I'd thought it might. I'm done with the front and back, and am 1/3 done with the first sleeve.

The Euroflax Lily shell is coming slowly, just because it's such a small gauge, but I'm pleased with my progress nonetheless.

My new knitted purse is really coming along. I finished the knitting a week or so ago, and I needed to purchase a dowel rod so I could make the handles. I wasn't getting anywhere near a place that sold them, so I began to think of other things, and came up with sticks, such as are used on Lois Ericson's tea cozy pattern, which I think is adorable. So, I collected 2 nice ones when I was trimming some bushes, and I have put the loops onto them, and will cut them to length as soon as I am sure they're right. I'm working on the lining now, and have found a cute trim to use as well. The stick thing may be a gigantic mistake, but I'm liking it so far. I was worried about the loops sliding off a dowel rod, but I certainly won't have to worry about that with these!

I haven't gotten any farther on the camp shirts, and I had planned to work on them tomorrow, but I'm not sure I won't still be interested in finishing this purse first.

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