Friday, July 29, 2005

Fair Shirt & Dotted Tee Quickie

Here's the shirt I'm taking to the County and State Fairs this year. I finished it yesterday, along with a blue and white striped one. It's made from KwikSew 1627, which is unfortunately OOP.

After I finished the shirts, I realized I was supposed to go to a group called Sewciables that evening, and the project we were to do was a T-shirt, or anything out of a knit. Well, I have a lot of knits just waiting to be made into a nice Jalie #2005 Tee, and so I decided on a mauvey-pink rib knit cotton with dark mauve polka-dots from Wazoodle, and cut one out, along with an FFF skirt. I made the tee in about 1 1/4 hours including cutting time. The sleeves are a different length than I've made before for these, and I think I like it. I usually do 3/4 length, but I didn't have enough fabric to do that and a skirt too, so thought I'd try shorter sleeves, and I like them more than usual; I think because they're not so short, but they're also close-fitting, which is not usually true of longer short sleeves. I haven't made the skirt yet. I am thinking of putting a wide band of self fabric at the bottom of it. Here's a photo of the top with my brown skirt from this year's SWAP. So, I guess this is another SWAP coordinate!

Dotted Tee

Once I finished this year's fair shirt, it was as if a weight were off! I'm feeling so much more relaxed. (I'm also on the new "Get More Sleep" regimen, which I think cannot help but be a plus. I got my Marfy Fall pattern catalog yesterday, and a mailer with swatches from Michael's Fabrics, so let the fun begin!


may said...

As always, your DH's shirt is perfect in every respect!! I wish I could see you work on a shirt. I am sure there are a lot to learn. Congratulations!

Liana said...

Thanks May! I did post some techniques I use for shirts on Sewing World last year. The thread is Everything I Know About Shirts, and others have added to it, so there's quite a wealth of information there if you're interested.