Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Fair Sewing

Yes, I'm sewing for the fair again this year. I've been working on 2 shirts for Pearle. Almost from the beginning I've known that the grey/white stripe will be entered, not the blue/white stripe. Funny how each fabric has its own personality. Some (like the gray) do everything you want with no problem. Others, such as the blue, are more difficult. It's turned out nicely too, but it just seemed to fight me every step of the way. Same result, much more trouble. I mentioned this to my sister, and she said, "I see. When we were growing up, I was the gray stripe and you were the blue stripe." I have to admit, she's probably right. Anyway, I have only the buttons and buttonholes on the gray left to do, so I'm nearly done. I have to enter my things on Monday, so not quite down to the wire, but close. I'm also planning to enter some knitting, and perhaps some other sewing. I won't enter as many things in the County Fair as the upcoming State Fair probably.

I think my sleep habits are finally catching up with me. About a year ago, I began to sleep only about 5 hours a night. I was doing a lot of sewing very late, and it was great, as there were NO interruptions. The last couple of months, I'm beginning to need more sleep again, but I'm still running on the old schedule, which I really liked, as I got so much more done. I'm beginning to feel pretty sleep-deprived though, and I've got to just bite the bullet, and realize I have to give back 3-4 hours of my day again, and begin sleeping 8-9 hours a night. For years I had a hard time making do with less than 9 or 10, so the sudden cut back to 5 was fantastic.
Maybe it will come again someday.

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