Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Handmade Bracelet

Bracelet Front

Bracelet Back

This is a bracelet I made this weekend. I started with one plan, and of course it changed as I went along, but I think the resulting piece is quite good. This is the first thing I've done like this, and I have plans for some pieces which are more heavily beaded .


Pamela Erny said...


I adore this bracelet! Your first attempt at this kind of jewelry is quite good as I've seen some "expert" jewelers do!

I've done some knotted/twisted wire jewelry experiments and find it so much fun!

I have some questions....

Is the wire gold/gold-goldfilled/plated...or gold colored soft jewelry/craft wire?

What guage is it? (I always seem to get the wrong guage for jewelry)

Did you use any crochet stitches, or did you knot/bend/twist to get the wire effect?

How is your bracelet fastened?

Thanx, Pam
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Liana said...

Pam, You are quite the flatterer! Thank you. It's just a craft wire. It's a 20 gauge "tarnish resistant" wire by Darice, and was on a spool. I'd love to try the gold wires, but thought I'd better start slow. I began with an "armature" that I pounded (annealed.) I twisted and attached the wire with the beads afterward. It was amazingly fast. I think you can see the twisted hook I added in the Back photo. It hooks toward the right. I was afraid this wire wasn't quite stiff enough to be a cuff bracelet without a fastening, so I added the hook.