Saturday, July 16, 2005

Another Shell: Katia Surf

Katia Surf shell

This is the pattern I began after I finished the Mauritius sweater. I fell in love with the zigzag cable pattern. I'm doing it in the Mushroom color, and I got the yarn from Elann. It's a lovely, soft microfiber yarn, and the stitch definition is really good. It will obviously look much better after it's blocked. Elann has the pattern as a free download.

Surf Progress

I'm still working away on the Lily Euroflax shell, but it's nice to have something going that's a faster project. The Surf shell is done on size 4 needles, so is a lot faster going than the Lily on size 1.

I'm also just starting on a few shirts for Pearle. I'm trying to get them (or at least one) done for his birthday, and for the upcoming County and State Fairs.


may said...

Liana! I almost purchased this yarn myself. The shell is really nice looking. Are you going to do the shawl, too? Glad to hear that the yarn is nice and shows stitch patterns.

Liana said...

May, I decided against the shawl, but the yarn is so nice I almost wish I was doing it too. I think I'd almost rather do one of the lacy shawls you've been doing.