Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Knitting Progress

Lily Lace section
This is the lace pattern at the bottom of the Lily shell in Euroflax Barcelona. I am just beginning the body's stitch pattern. It's much less intricate, and probably a little more boring. It seems to be going quickly though. The lace was fun to do, especially after I memorized the pattern.

Gedifra beginnings
This is the beginning of the Gedifra sweater. This is a very tricky pattern, but I'm finally becoming somewhat comfortable with it. I love the look of the yarn, but it is a little difficult to see what you're doing as you go along. Here's a closeup of it.

Gedifra close-up

I got 2 fabrics to make pants from yesterday, and prewashed them with another, so I'm ready to work on those today. We're having workmen do some things outside, so it will be a good day to sew, besides the fact that it's already 88 degrees at 9am, so who wants to go outside anyway?

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