Sunday, June 05, 2005

Koala Shell

This shell was knitted in Austermann's Koala yarn, and an Austermann pattern, both from Elann. It's a rayon/microfiber/tactel yarn that's kind of furry, and incredibly soft. I could hardly keep the cats off of it long enough to sew up the seams. Apparently it's perfect for kneading, and it's just about exactly their color, so of course it must be for them! They think. This was really fast, as it's a large gauge: 5spi and 3rpi. It's definitely going to be for fall/winter (notice the patent leather shoes with suede bows.) I made one design change in the pattern. I changed from Stockinette to Reverse Stockinette just below the armholes. This was actually the result of a mistake. I realized after I'd finished the back, that I'd done this. I really didn't want to rip it all out, and I decided it was a little more interesting this way anyway. That's my story anyway!

After I finished this last night, I did a gauge swatch with the Euroflax, and it's going to be fine, on the size needles they call for, which is unusual for me. I usually knit much more loosely than normal, apparently. This yarn reminds me a lot of the silk yarn I used for this shell I made for my sister several years ago. It had no give whatsoever either. Anyway, this is knitted on size 0 and 1 needles, so will be a nice, long project. I have to get a 0 circular needle before I can begin. I only have double points that size, and with 200+ stitches in the round, I want a circular. I will go back to my camp shirt while I wait for the needle.

I ordered some more yarn from Elann this afternoon. It's for this pullover
(shown below) from Gedifra. I'm going to do it in the Cherokee Brick color.

Gedifra Mauritius Pullover Pattern


Anonymous said...

Liana Love your sweaters, but we're obviously a little different coloring. LOL. The pullover looks like fun to knit. I really like that pattern but I'm too heavy for that yarn. Great job. Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Liana, I'm really enjoying seeing your knitting projects. You're making me want to get those needles clicking.

I hope you'll show us the new camp shirt when you're done with it.

Thanks for all the inspiration.


Liana said...

Thanks Jennifer & Beth! For some reason knitting just feels right again. The camp shirt's coming along, just buttonholes left.