Sunday, May 15, 2005

Second Pair of Drawstring Pants

This is the second pair of drawstring pants I've made. The third are halfway cut out, and will be done soon I hope. These are a very thin rayon, and will be really nice for hot weather. They're almost like wearing pajamas they're so comfortable. I narrowed both the casing and drawstring, and added the difference to the top of the pants themselves. I like the effect much better, and they're more comfortable to wear. I may put in pockets next time, as I suddenly remembered a great inseam pocket from a Great Copy pants pattern that I think will work very well.


Mardel said...

The drawstring pants get better and better. These look much drapier and more comfortably scrumptuous. I can see how you would wear these a lot.

susie said...

Love the new pants and the new flip flops. I think both fabric styles of pants will have their place in your wardrobe. These look so comfy and I LOVE a great bargain too.