Saturday, May 21, 2005

More Knitting

I finished the mauve raglan cardigan last night, and am rather pleased with it. I will post photos soon.

This afternoon I finished a "fur" scarf that was just an "idle hands" project. It's cute though, dark blues and purples. It will be nice for next fall.

I also ordered some Euroflax Barcelona in Gypsy Bronze, thanks to May! I wasn't even aware that they had beautiful colors like these. This is really my kind of thing, much more than the usually variegated yarns that seem to always end up as horizontal stripes. I like the tweedy, heathery colors much better, and this looks perfect. It's supposed to be 4 colors twisted together, so I hope I like it as much in person as on the monitor.Here's a link to the colors available. It's about halfway down the page, and the Gypsy Bronze is on the upper right.

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May said...

Glad to enable, Liana! Looking forward to your finishing this pretty tank.