Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Jeans Again, Finally

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I've been without any jeans for quite a while now, and I've been meaning to make another pair, but just wasn't getting to it. Finally, I cut them out and sewed them up, and I don't know why I waited. They're just what I need for what I call 'wearing around', which is my main wardrobe need right now. With the gardening season truly upon us, I think these are just in time. Here's a side view.

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Nothing new, special or fancy about these. It's my usual Burda TNT pattern and I think it's actually the same denim I used in the last pair I made about 2 years ago. I bought a whole bunch of denim several years ago and used a lot of it for tractor seat covers, car seat protectors, and anything I needed a big piece of heavy fabric for. I have enough left for probably one more pair of pants, and that's about it. Unlike the last pair, I didn't put on back pockets (I don't think I ever used those pockets anyway) and I didn't do any interesting topstitching on these, where on the last pair I used variegated thread and had a good time doing it. This time I just wanted pants to wear, in a hurry. I did do my usual size zipper, with a pocket stay and side pockets on both sides.

Besides the jeans, I'm participating in Sigrid's Lingerie Sew Along, and I've made another couple pairs of panties. These are truly getting addictive.

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These are a plaid mesh knit that I've had on hand for several years, and some stretch lace from my FabricDepot collection.

Finally, here's a photo of my garden that I took yesterday.
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gwensews said...

I made a couple of pairs of jeans after keeping up with the jeans sew along on PR. I love my jeans--they fit so much better than any I've ever bought. Cute fishie top! And panties--your lingerie drawer must be pretty!

BetsyV said...

Jeans look great, Liana, but I REALLY LOVE your fish tank!

Marji said...

Your garden looks so lush. You've had a lot of rain lately?
I remember when you made that fish tank! Good for you for just getting the jeans made. I'm having to smile, thinking how Sigrid's got the women in blogland displaying the whole contents of the undie drawer (and what fabulous undies they are).

Rachel said...

I love the jeans and the panties. One of my goals this summer is to make some jeans and, of course, some panties.

Anonymous said...

Your garden looks quite healthy and beautiful. You must be dedicated to keeping it in this shape.

I've also been so impressed with your lingerie sewing. Your garments have looked so special and seem to fit beautifully. Congratulations.


Summerset said...

Nice jeans - simple and functional!

Love the new panties - great mix of plaid and lace.