Monday, June 08, 2009

Another Lingerie Set

I made another bra and panty set Sunday from a different pattern than I've used before. This one was copied from a ready-to-wear bra by Panache, and I think it turned out nicely. It has a horizontal top piece instead of the angled style of the Freya copy, and it gives a different look, and a little different shape I think.

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I tried several different techniques with this bra. I used a spaghetti strap attachment for the main strap, a detail that caught my eye in an advertisement, and which I've been anxious to try.

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Since I'd made a lot of spaghetti tubing to do the straps, I thought I'd use some of it as embellishment, and liked the little roses I came up with. I used one at each strap attachment point, one at CF, and one on a pair of matching panties I made.
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I used the print under the lace on the top cup piece, which gives it more stability than the lace alone. All the other pieces are lined with powernet. Although it looks like there's a wrinkle in the bridge, that disappears when it's worn.

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The 6" wide stretch lace and the brown lycra are both from my Fabric Depot bundles, and the print is something I had on hand, originally thinking I'd make a tank top or something, and I still have plenty left. It's a soft mesh knit. I dyed all the elastic, the strapping and the closure to match the main print color.

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These are the two pairs of panties I made to match this bra. I have enough stuff to make several more of one design or another. The pair on the left uses the full width of the lace, and for the the other, I trimmed the lace to about 2 1/2", or the width of one set of motifs. I still am very happy with the no-elastic look on the legs, so I'm continuing to use the style.

There are a few more photos here.


Vicki W said...

That's lovely!

Anonymous said...

Your lingerie sets are just beautiful! You are definitely inspiring me to make some undies at least (if not quite adventurous enough to try a bra yet). I like the no-elastic legs. Your fabric combinations are lovely and attention to detail as good for lingerie as it is for your other garments! I've been following your blog for some time now and love what you do. Thanks for sharing it all!

gwensews said...

Again, you've made beautiful lingerie. How do you go about dyeing the elastic? How do you match the color to your fabric?

Mardel said...

Another stunning set Liana. More info on how you go about dyeing the elastic, and how you determine the color choice would be great. I remember you dyed one set an unusual color.

Rachel said...

I always love your lingerie sets. I would love to know if it is possible to make a bra that doesn't show under t-shirts? I buy the ones from Victoria's Secret that don't, but I would love to know how to make one.

Renee said...

So beautiful! With each set of lingerie you post I want to try this more and more!

JoanneM said...

Wow. These are tremendous. Most impressive!

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

O*M*Goodness! I almost fell off my chair Liana! I love love love your design and fabric combinations. Just fabulous. You tamed that 'tiger' beautifully!

Anonymous said...


Your lingerie work is amazing and both the bras and panties look so upscale RTW. I don't know how time consuming and difficult these are to sew, but the outcome is magnificent.


GailM. said...

I came here from Vicki's site. WOW, I'm so impressed. I haven't sewn clothes for years now, but after spending lots of time on your various blogs, I'm all revved up to make something. Especially a Winter coat. Will you be having another Great sew along this year. What a great way to get one done. I did a McPhee coat about 10 years ago and loved, loved it. I was bigger then and it doesn't fit me anymore, but I'd love to make another one this year. I need some garment sewing friends... I'm going to be following your blog... many thanks for posting.

Vicki said...

Liana, these are just too too gorgeous. So I am going to go thru my stash of lycra tonight and see what I have. I need a bra pattern too - I wonder if I have one of those? lol.

Eikhell said...

wooow, your blog is great!
I absolutly love the lingerie you make!
It's stunning!