Friday, June 12, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

I got my skirt muslin altered satisfactorily, I think, and I'm going to test it in muslin one more time, but now I'm thinking about what I'm going to use for underlining for this skirt. I'm seriously thinking about using muslin, and I'm wondering if this would be a huge mistake.

The skirt fabric itself is slightly stiff, and has plenty of body. The underlining is going to provide a nicer 'bend' to the fabric when it needs it. I don't think organza is indicated at all. The skirt will have to be lined with such a non-slip underlining, but I would almost certainly have lined it anyway, so that is neither here nor there. It's no more non-slip than batiste would be, and that would be another choice. Do I need to get actual batiste, or could this be an acceptable substitute. This is a fairly thin muslin, and is a nice smooth fabric, much like sheeting, and since the entire skirt is on the bias with only the one seam, it needs to be something fairly light that can be supported mostly from the waistband alone.

I will try to post something soon on the elastic and findings dyeing I've been doing. Those who asked whether the general sewing of the things is time consuming will be glad to know that the answer is no. The panties especially are very fast, and the bras go surprisingly quickly as well.

I brought a book home from my mother's yesterday. I remember it always being in our home, and although it's promised to my sister, I brought it home to read and look through again. It's Encyclopedia of Needlework by Therese de Dillmont, published by DMC. There's no copyright date on it, but the British Library says 1907. It's just the size to put in a workbag, being about 3"x5" and almost 2" thick. Looking it over last night, I think I may have to get a reprint for myself. It has everything from plain sewing to needle and bobbin lace, tapestry, knitting, netting, just anything to do with needlework. I was very surprised to find separate instructions for handsewing buttonholes in linen and in dress materials. I like vintage sewing books, and I have a special feeling for this one.

Here's the first waterlily of the season. I was very surprised to see it as I hadn't even noticed the bud, and suddenly there was a beautiful flower.


Miaaa said...

Oh that little book!
I have one from my gandma... lots of thinks to remind aabout sewing...
Mine is in french "Encyclop├ędie des ouvrages de dames"
There is several edition of this book, 2 size (little and bigger) and 4 langage for the little (french, german, english and italian) and 3 for the bigger (french, german and hungarian) according to mine book. No date, but before 1914, sure), printed in France (mulhouse, Alsace).
I still use it when I need something special about handstiching, old embellishment and embroidery.
Your photo remind me lots of thinks, thanks to share this story!

gwensews said...

I would opt for batiste for underlining, if you don't want to use silk organza. I've had success with batiste. I'm thinking muslin may be too heavy.

Mardel said...

I don't know about light muslin but I've used batiste. Batiste might be very nice. I am afraid that even light muslin might be too heavy but I am sure someone else might know more.

Anonymous said...

I have a reprint of that book--it's a great book. Lot's of good old stuff and techniques, and I believe it also had projects in it.

Anonymous said...

I have a copy of this book too. Purchased a few years ago online, can't remember where. It is still available online in the same format. Look around for a copy for yourself. It is a wonderful source book.