Sunday, January 04, 2009

Old Year/New Year

I like the year-end round up lists some people are doing, so I decided to look at my sewing journal and see what I've actually finished in 2008, and what I haven't, and then think about what I want to work at and toward in 2009.

I actually finished all the sewn things I began. The knitting is another story.

22 Garments sewn this year:

Marfy Corduroy Coat
3 Marfy Tank Tops. 2 Cotton 1 Silk
Simplicity Plaid Knit Top
Brown Shell with Fringe
Large Scale Floral Top
Large Scale Floral Skirt
Plaid Knit Gloves
Marfy Green Tweed/Taupe Jacket
3 Burda WOF Blouses. Gray, Wisteria, Stripe.
2 Burda WOF Knit Tops. Abstract, Clay Rib.
Green Dyed Lace Skirt
3 Gray Slips.
Burda Brown/Pink Pinstripe Pants
Burda Green Cotton Pants
Marfy Cashmere Coat

22 Knitted items finished this year. 3 Unfinished.

Almost all of my finished knitting this year were very small projects.

10 Dishcloths
2 Tribbles
BSJ Cabled Hat
5 Potato Chip Scarves
3 String Bags
Gedifra Vest

Jaeger Tilly Pullover which has been waiting for seaming since early summer.
Berroco Simona Brown Skirt. This is getting close to done, and I'm actively working on it.

I'm obviously not as serious a knitter as a sewer, or at least that's how it is right now. Mood and circumstance plays into it a lot I think.

Now I need to come up with a coherent plan for this year. Right now I need everyday clothes, so that's what I will try to concentrate on.

I was at JoAnn's this morning for their sale, and I ended up leaving my cut fabric, etc. in the cart because I just didn't have the time to wait to check out. I'd already been in line for 20 minutes after waiting for the cutting table, etc. I went back this afternoon when the place was practically empty and it was very quick. I got a couple of very nice knits, one for a dress and one for a top. Also a dark green wool/poly blend for pants, and some peach crushed poly charmeuse for a nightgown. I also got a lot of thread at 50% off, a couple of patterns, and some yarn. So I have no excuse not to whip up a few things, except my sister's coming on Tuesday for a nice long visit and that cuts into my sewing time, but in a very nice way.


Mardel said...

Wow, you got lots done. It is an interesting and varied list, mixing little things with big things.

Summerset said...

You've done some really nice things! I hate it when Jo-ann's is like that, too. It always happens when I have somewhere else I have to be, too.