Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back Pattern Piece

Thank you all for the great comments on the knit top, and on the photos. My sister is the genius behind the camera when I'm lucky enough to have her here, and this just worked out really well.

LisaB asked that I post a picture of the Back pattern piece I used for my Circle Dot Knit Top to show the shaping, so here it is.

I'm almost embarrassed by the alteration 'method' I used on this. I just marked the waistline, took a 1/2" tuck (total of 1" removed) and stuck a pin in it. I lay it out with the upper part of the CB line on the straight grain, and I just smoosh the piece flat where it wants to have a little bit of a third dimension to it. For a knit top, it's not critical, and this works very well.

NancyW asked about the armscye and whether I raised it. I didn't, and it seems to be fine. I did do an FBA on the front, which changes the height of the armscye on the front pattern piece when you pivot, but when it all goes together, it ends up pretty much in the same place I think since the back isn't changed.
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LisaB said...

Thank you, Liana, for posting the pattern photo. I couldn't remember if you had cut on the fold or not, but I see the pattern is marked "Cut 1 on fold". I appreciate your posting this.

Liana said...

I do put in a CB seam though. The marking to cut on the fold is from tracing the original pattern. With the CB shaping I have now, you can't really cut on the fold.

LisaB said...

Ah. That makes sense. When you mentioned smooshing the pattern flat, I thought you meant from placing it on the fold. :-) It's probably something that would have been clear to me had I just gone to the sewing room and tried it.

Mardel said...

I use that method, pin and smoosh, too. It works pretty well on knits.