Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's Fun, It Says So on the Label

Here's my latest completed knitting project. What is it? It's a little collar with Lion Brand Fun Fur yarn. Sunday I wore a little lace turtleneck mohair collar/dickey that I'd made for my grandmother some years ago, and since gotten back. It was so nice and warm, and I remembered this little pattern which is much more suited to my cold-addled brain at this point than mohair lace knitting.

It was fun to knit, and very fast, and it's nice and comfy around your neck. It also takes only 1 ball of yarn.
Here's the non-glamor shot. (I do have a cold, and it shows.)

I made one quite a few years ago, but gave it away. The instructions are quite simple, and you could probably do it without them. The only twist is the twist!

Size 10 needles.
CO 28
Garter stitch until you have enough left to bind off and sew your seam.
Before sewing your seam, make a twist in the strip. Stitch the seam.

If you could figure out how many stitches around, you could do it like a moebius and you wouldn't have to seam it. This way is instant gratification knitting though, no swatches, no gauge. Sometimes that's just what's wanted.

I also finished my knitted skirt and have it drying on the blocking screen. We shall see how it is after it's stitched up. I am a little unsure that it's going to fit the way I want it to, but it's hard to tell until it's all done.

The new Vogue Knitting came today and I haven't even cracked the cover before posting here. See how good I am? I can delay gratification. Not too long, though. I'm off to browse through it.


Summerset said...

I hope you feel better soon! There have been some nasty colds around. The little collar does look like fun and the color suits you well. Oh, I must look for the new Vogue Knitting when I'm today!

Mardel said...

Oh I hope you are feeling better soon. The little furry collar looks wonderful and cozy and just what you need this time of year.

I am sooo jealous! I want my new vogue knitting.

Anonymous said...

Liana! It looks just beautiful on you! So bright and cheery! What a great job! Hope you'll be feeling better soon. Enjoy your new magazine!!

Nancy JC said...

You look just beautiful even when you have a cold! I thought when you said 'seam' "Oh, gosh! you could do that as a mobius and not have to be bothered w/ a seam!" As for delaying the gratification...I wanted to know if you thought it was another excellent issue.

You have inspired me...I am starting a coat this weekend that will be the 'muslin' for handwoven fabric to coordinate w/ some fabulous fox cuffs that I found in an antique shop last year in the Upper Peninsula. Yummy. We sure could use more warm layers just now!

Sew on!

Anonymous said...

Liana, I agree, you don't look like you have a cold! That might not make you feel any better though Lol! Has anyone ever said you look like Celine Dion? Every time I read your blog I think that - just hope you aren't offended?!

Love the collar too, might try it out nearer winter.

Anonymous said...


You look absolutely lovely in your little "fun" collar ruff. And contrary to your opinion, your picture is very pretty. I think I'll make one of these, because it's so flattering for the face.


Nancy Winningham said...

I like your "collar" I can't stand for my neck to get cold in winter, so I'm always wearing a scarf of some kind. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Barbara at Cat Fur Studio said...

Such a cute fuzzy collar. I hope it comforted you a bit during your miserable cold.