Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cutting Up

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This is the fabric I've been attempting to cut out for the last few days. At the time I ordered it, I planned a skirt with some flare, and a princess seam sleeveless top. Bu the time I got the fabric, I'd changed my mind to doing a top with vertical darts instead, and with short/cap sleeves. This made it a bit trickier to get it all out of the same yardage. I finally conquered it this afternoon, and it's all cut out, and the skirt is nearly done. It's underlined with silk organza, and I love this fabric. It sews beautifully, and has a lovely hand. Quite a bit of body to it as well. You can see how very large the print is, but I think it's just perfect for this spring. Huge prints seem to be the thing, and I love the watercolor effect of this one.

Vicki wondered why I didn't draft a princess seam top from my saran block, and I suppose that's what I should do. Maybe it's not that princess seamed garments aren't my thing, maybe I just haven't had the right one for me. This top is actually taken from a pattern that I altered extensively using my block, and I love the sleeves. I had to shorten them to get this out of the fabric, but I think it will still be alright, although I may face the sleeve hems if I need to. I almost made a terrible error while cutting. I was so thrilled to find that I could make it all work that I almost cut 2 left backs. That would have been a disaster, as I doubt I could get any more of this.

You can see my layout above, sort of. I folded the fabric so that the doubled part was no wider than necessary for the skirt pieces. I then cut one Top Back from the space between the skirt pieces on the opposite selvedge, and the other Back and both Fronts from what was left above the skirt back. I hate having a close layout that I have to keep refolding, as if you make a mistake, there's generally no fixing it. This fabric only has 44" of usable width, as there are extra-wide unprinted selvedges. I think I'm spoiled by all the 60" fabric there is. I can't even imagine having to go to 36" all the time, as is called for in vintage patterns.

This is really going to be a pretty quick project I think, once I got it all cut out finally. The sewing should be very easy, and as a good omen, the zipper went in like a dream.


Anonymous said...

This is the next fabric up on my sewing table, Liana, so I'm happy to read about your experience with it. I have only enough for a skirt. I bought the plain green knit for a top to go with it. Looking forward to seeing your finished outfit.
Linda (SewingLibrarian)

Vicki said...

Love that fabric, it is very pretty!

I have just received a CD book from Lynda Maynard that shows how to adjust commercial patterns with your block. It sounds good, just need to give it a go...

With my saran block, I need to add wearing ease. I just added to the side seams (4cms I think) for my first go - is this what you did? I know I will need to add more to made a jacket sloper - at the shoulder and side.

Any advice would be great, thanks :))

Sally said...

Where did you get such a huge cutting mat? I'm very jealous! Sally

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Oh goody goody a new project! I can't wait to see the finished garment!

Marji said...

What a great project for that fabric. I'm rather certain I have that same fabric, and I'm so happy to see you making a skirt and top from it. You've just inspired me. I've had "jacket" in my mind so long for that piece - but "jacket" isn't what I need right now.
And Oooh you're right, what a lovely spring project.