Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

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I always get a new linen calendar towel each year to hang on the side of the refrigerator, and I think this one is particularly pretty. I am a sucker for poppies in almost any form, and I couldn't resist these.

One of the best things is that I get another pretty tea towel to use from the previous year's calendar when I put up the new one. I have them back to about 1983 I think.

Hope you're having a great year so far too!


Lori said...

I love those linen calendars. I used to give one to my mother for Christmas every year. It cost about $1 or $2 then, which was in the 70's. I was given $10 to buy my 3 siblings and parents Christmas presents, so it was a challenge, but a fun one. Dad usually got a dime store pipe and mom got a linen calendar. Thanks for reminding me!

Do you then use the calendar as a towel or what do you do with them when the year is over?

Liana said...

Hi Lori, I edited my post since I should have said originally that YES, I do use them as tea towels when their year is up. I used to give one to my Mom, sister and sister-in-law every year until we started drawing names for Xmas. Maybe I should do it anyway. They're not $2 any more, but they're not so much. I just love them!

Vicki said...

Great idea. I had one that went way back to the '70's but it is gone now.

Lisa Laree said...

Tea towel calendars used to be a traditional Christmas gift to my mother from someone (I don't remember who...I'm actually surprised I remember that she got them). I haven't seen them for ages...but, then, I haven't looked. Maybe I should; it brings back that nice comfort food feeling... ;)

Isabelle said...

Great tradition! Poppies are my favourite flower, too.