Sunday, January 06, 2008

Another Nice Knit Top

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Here's another knit top from the same FSG#1960 top pattern with the Vogue collar grafted onto it. This is a very thin mesh knit that I fell in love with for the color and the interesting shadowy leaf print. It was another Wal-Mart $1/yard find, and I made it up almost immediately. I never even thought about the fact that it would match my fleece Haiku Two jacket, which was a "muslin" but I wear it a lot as a casual jacket in winter since it's so nice and warm, and I don't have to worry about anything happening to it.

It may seem silly, but I had a revelation lately about the fact that I'm always cold when I go anywhere. I need to wear more clothes. Not that I don't wear winter clothes in winter, but we keep it warmer in our house than a lot of people do, plus we have a couple humidifiers going all the time, which also makes it more comfortable. Anyway, I've started wearing 2 wool sweaters, or several layers besides just an undershirt and top, for example. My sister took the nicest photo of me the other day when I was wearing 2 sweaters I'd knitted, and I'll put it here. I love the way the colors work together, and of course since I made them both, I like them!

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Shannon said...

I love that WalMart fabric - you're right the colour and the print are just beautiful. It looks lovely with the Haiku Two jacket.

P.S. That picture your sister took of you really is nice - you look so happy!

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

You have the best luck with WallMart, super looking sweater.

Nancy JC said...


You are speed demon when it comes to knitting...and sewing! We keep our house really cool, so I am forever layering in the winter, too. I found the greatest accessory the other day on—a knitted, buttoned "collar", I think called Tudor. Lovely idea.

Your photo is beautiful!

Stay warm,
Nancy JC

Anonymous said...

Indeed Liana, a very very nice photo of you. Lovely!

Cherie said...

What a great photo! Though I'm not a knitter, I love, love the yard on that shell. The combinations of colors is fab, I could wear that!

May said...

These are very nice photo of you and your garments. Particularly, I like you in reds. Lovely outfit!