Friday, January 11, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun

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Here's the very nicely packed box I received in the mail today from Fuzzy Mabel's. What fun! I've been trying to find a nice, not-horribly-expensive yarn to use for a sweater I've been drooling over from Jaeger JB40, which is a discontinued pattern book for a discontinued yarn, Roma. I found the book at The Yarn Barn, but the yarn is not available in colors I wanted. I finally decided to try a cotton yarn, Kraemer's Little Lehigh, in green and off-white. While looking at Fuzzy Mabel's, I noticed they had a very well-stocked clearance section, including some nice colors of Katia Bolero, a yarn that I used to make a shell a couple years ago, and liked very much. I bought enough Pewter with Gold to make a nice something-or-other.

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You can see the Jaeger pattern with the proposed yarn below.

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I like the interesting almost houndstooth stitch pattern, and the cute details, like the pocket and the neckline V, and sleeve hems. This will be a spring sweater I think, especially in a cotton yarn.

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I finished the second side of the Waterlily purse yesterday, which you can see above, just in time for the new yarn to arrive today. Now to finish it. I have ideas, but nothing concrete. I'm thinking webbing handles if I can find the right color. I'm calling it the Waterlily purse because it reminds me strongly of some of Monet's Waterlily paintings. This is a torn fabric strip "yarn" and I just love the effect of it. It makes me want to rip up some fabric myself, and see what happens.

We're back to normal around here, and I spent today and yesterday doing all the household stuff that I've been letting slide, like multi-loads of laundry. Luckily, I kind of like to do laundry. The Peeper's thrilled, as he hangs out by the washing machine, so he gets lots of company. There's nothing like a purring cat napping next to you while you fold towels, or sew, or knit.

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Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

See when you have all of this wonderful yarn up on your blog and tell your plans for it...then and only I really, really jealous of your knitting abilities! *LOL* I will be waiting with baited breathe!

Anonymous said...

The Katia pewter with gold looks very you. Have fun with it. I'm looking forward to seeing your Waterlily purse when it is done. I could imagine Robert Hillestad making his own silk fabric strips for knitting -
so follow your impulse.
Thanks for all that you share!

LisaB said...

What a beautiful Jaeger pattern. I'll be waiting anxiously to see your version.

a little sewing on the side said...

Cute cat.
(I like to do laundry, too :)
Pretty yarns!!