Friday, December 28, 2007

The Sweaters and their Recipients


Chris and Zachary very kindly modeled their sweaters. They seemed very pleased with them, and that pleased me. Zachary is also showing his rolling pin. He's very much into cooking, and Alton Brown of Good Eats fame is his favorite.
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I took my sister to get her Christmas present today. I had told her I'd get her a thimble from Thimbles by TJ Lane, so we went to the studio and she tried on thimbles aplenty. She had her heart set on a Yubinuki (ring thimble) like mine, but her fingers are so tiny that they had to take the smallest one they made (a 3 1/2, which is what mine is) and cut it down for her, so we waited and browsed among all the other wonderful things they make while they cut and soldered and fitted. It's now about a size 1, or a bit smaller. She made inroads on their other inventory of chatelaines and various dependant tools, and she has a gorgeous piece of jewelry now which is also a portable sewing kit, basically. We pick up her thimble next week after it's been hardened and polished.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season, and I hope it's not over yet!


Claudine said...

A boy who's so pleased with his rolling pin. That is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

And, of course, the jumpers are lovely. Nice work.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

WOW Liana, the sweaters are very very nice and what a perfect fit. It appears there are allot of details to these sweaters...nice work.
Thank you for posting about the thimble. I requested one of their catalogues. What a great gift idea:) Ann

Cherie said...

Wonderful sweaters - So nice to see them on the gentlemen! Love the little one, never too young to start cooking! He may end up like my hubby and be the main chef in the house! (I know, I know, I'm pretty sure a bunch of my friends want to kidnap him!)

a little sewing on the side said...

Those sweaters look scrumptious. Very well done, Liana~!

Anonymous said...

The sweaters are fabulous and fit perfectly! I should think they would be more than pleased. I would be.
Wishing you a wonderful New Year. Keep well and safe.

Linda said...

The sweaters look awesome! I was hoping to see them modeled. I love the rolling pin being the favorite. Maybe he'll make you some cookies or a pie. Now that would be a treat.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Liana - the sweaters are awesome and how nice that you were able to get a picture of them actually wearing them!

Marji said...

oh Liana, thank you for sharing those pics. Too too fabulous!
And how wonderful that you were able to have a thimble made for your sister to fit. I am intrigued, since reading about yours awhile ago.

Heather said...

Hello Liana,

I'm very impressed with your web presence! I found you when I was looking for some opinions about Marfy patterns. I saw your photos on your photo site, and I left you a message there, but I thought you might see it here better.

What is your opinion of the Marfy patterns? I see you've had good finished results, but how was the process without instructions? I think I'd be fine on the obvious major constructions, but I'm wondering how I'd make out with special detailing. I've no problems with Vogue. Any opinion about them would be interesting.



Liana said...

Thank you everyone! Linda, I'm hoping for a pie!

Heather, I've emailed you about Marfy patterns, but I'm sure you'll have no problems. They're great fun, too.