Thursday, August 03, 2006

Buttons, Buttons Everywhere...

But not a one will work!

Isn't that just the way it goes? I finished the chiffon Marfy #1101 tonight, except for the buttons. I thought I had a photo or scan of the fabric at least, but I don't. I'll take a photo of the blouse tomorrow when there's light again. It's a poly chiffon from FabricMart which has fringed satiny rectangles, and a leopard print. It's quite glamorous looking, with a few gold threads thrown in for good measure.

I really struggled with this one. It's actually the third version I've done, each one a different size. The chiffon is a 44 with FBA, although I think a 46 would be my choice next time, at least for a close-fitting garment.

The thing that really got me was that I altered the sleeves in width so they were the same as the other 2 blouses, which were made from the 50, without, and then with a FBA. I should have known that when I did an FBA, the 50 was the wrong size to begin with. But, that blouse is going to a good home anyway, and it's really cute, so I'm sad to see it go. I will take a photo before I box it up.

Anyway, the sleeves were the same width and length as the 50 sleeves, so I anticipated no problems. I got them done up to the point where I was going to attach the cuffs, and I tried them on, and they were almost skintight from the elbow down! How could that have happened? I cogitated on that one for quite a while, and realized finally that the shoulder seam on the 44 is actually in the correct spot, and so the sleeves need to be longer. I added about 3" and the sleeves are just fine. I added a little extra at the SA's just in case, and wouldn't have needed it at all.

So, after all my travails, it's done, and quite lovely, but I need the perfect buttons. I have many, many buttons, but lately I don't seem to ever have just the kind I want. I have in mind a tortoise-shell button with a gold center on a shank. I have a couple like this, but I need 9. I don't remember where I got the ones I have, but they aren't terribly exotic, so surely I can find them, or something similar.

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