Sunday, August 13, 2006

Little Projects

I suddenly remembered Friday night that I had promised to donate some knitted scarves or similar small items to a fundraiser for my music fraternity, Mu Phi Epsilon, in late November. Of course, I had done nothing about this. I recalled a printed scarf panel I had purchased this summer to make 2 scarves for this event, and I set up my serger for a rolled hem, and hemmed them. I may add some beads at the corners, as I had a scarf done that way once, and it hung very nicely. You can see the 2 identical scarves with iris below.

I also dug out some novelty yarn, and began a scarf, which you can also see in the photo above. I ended up with a cute pattern, which came out as if I had actually thought about it ahead of time. I cast on 25 stitches and knit 5-6 rows in garter stitch, then began the pattern.

Row 1: K3, *K2tog, YO* (repeat between *s) end K4.
Row 2: K all.

That's it. Repeat until you reach your desired length, then end with the same number of garter stitch rows with which you began. What's neat is that the edge borders are the same width, since the first K2tog reads as a K stitch. I may weave some ribbons through the lattice. It's easy, yet not totally boring to knit. I also thought holes would make it go faster.

I prepared the cotton coordinates that I want to use for a jacket. The color is not as blue as the top photo, but not as bright as the lower one. The plain fabric on the left will be the lapels and cuffs and the bamboo/cricket fabric will be the body of the jacket.

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